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Treatment Aftercare

Treatment Aftercare

Monu Facials Aftercare

 * Follow your skincare routine at home.
(You can find a link to the MONU website on the MONU facials page)

* Avoid Make Up for 8hrs.

* Drink plenty of water.

* Avoid Extreme heat or cold for 24hrs.

* Avoid direct sunlight for 12hrs.

* Avoid exercising for 8hrs.

* Enjoy regular facials every 4-6wks.

Massage/ Reflexology Aftercare

* Avoid heavy meals for the rest of the day.

* Drink plenty of water.

* Avoid alcohol for 24hrs.

* Get plenty of rest.

* Avoid exercise for 12hrs.

* Enjoy regular massages every 4-6wks.

Hopi Ear Candles Aftercare

* Impurities and wax deposits can found 24-48hrs after treatment.

* Drink plenty of water.

* Avoid water in the ears for 24hrs.

* Avoid putting anything into the ears for at least 12hrs. (The longer the better)

* Blow nose instead of sniffing to keep the canals clear.

* Leave at least a few days between a course of treatments.

Eye Treatments Aftercare

*PREP: Please come make up free.*

* Avoid Make Up for 8hrs.

* Avoid touching the eye area after treatment.

* Avoid water for 8hrs.

* Avoid hot steaming for 48hrs.

* Avoid exercising for 8hrs.

* Avoid oily products.

* Brush lashes after lash lift with mascara wand provided.

* Enjoy regular eye treatments every 3-6wks.

Waxing Aftercare

* Avoid touching the area that’s been waxed.

* No tan for 24hrs.

* Avoid tight clothing for 24hrs.

* Avoid Extreme heat or cold for 48hrs.

* Avoid direct sunlight for 48hrs.

* Avoid swimming/exercising for 8hrs.

* Avoid deodorant or make up for 24hrs.

* Exfoliate and moisturise every week to avoid ingrown hairs.

Callus Peel Aftercare

* Moisturise feet regularly.

* Enjoy a course of treatments for real results every 2-3wks.

Shellac / OPI Aftercare

* Moisturise hands/feet regularly.

* Wear gloves for washing up/cleaning and gardening.

* Remove with a CND removal kit or have removed professionally.

* Oil nails twice daily especially with shellac to prolong the life

* Be careful using certain products (tan oils/insect repellents) as these can damage the shellac.

* Shellac colours can fade if swimming and in the sun a lot due to intensified bleaching process. Dry hands/feet and nails thoroughly.

Make Up Aftercare

* Come make up free for your appointment.

* Exfoliate a few days beforehand to even out skin complexion.

* Moisturise daily, including the day of your appointment.

* Remove make up properly before bed.