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Massage – Swedish/ Pregnancy

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common technique to be used within massage treatments. Whilst it helps to relax your muscles it is also stimulating them using a medium pressure.

* Improves Circulation

* Relaxation

*Improves skin tone

* Helps relieve tension

Back Massage – 30 minutes – £28.00

Full Body Massage – 60 minutes – £42.00
(includes legs, arms, back, neck and shoulders)

15 min Massage ( arm, leg, scalp or face) – 15 minutes – £15.00

Pregnancy Massage

* Pregnancy massage can only be carried out after the first trimester and if you have a low risk pregnancy. *

Pregnancy massage benefits the mother to be by easing any aches and pains especially found around the lower back and feet. Whilst the body prepares for many changes this can help relax you and bump.
Special techniques are used with a natural massage wax to create a safe treatment for you to enjoy.

*Relieves aches & pains

*  Improves circulation

* Boosts energy levels

*Helps with blood pressure

Pregnancy Massage – 30 minutes – £32.00
(back massage performed on the treatment couch with you laying on your left side with plenty of support)

Pregnancy Massage – 60 minutes – £45.00
(includes front of legs, back of lower legs, arms and back. This treatment is performed also on the treatment couch where you will be sat up for part of the treatment and for the remainder led on your left side with plenty of support)

Indian Head Massage

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MONU Thermal Back Treatment

This is a facial for your back. Your skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated. Enjoy some relaxation with a hot compress and a back massage.