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Callus Peel

Dream of having pretty feet, why not make that dream come true.
Your feet will feel so soft and rejuvenated after a callus peel.

A patch is applied to both heels or balls of feet (which ever is your desired area) and wrapped for 15 minutes to soften the skin. After the 15 minutes is up the patches are removed and the skin is gently scraped to remove any of the callus build up. The feet are then smoothed with a foot file removing are extra dry skin. Your feet will be deeply moisturised with the callus peel moisturiser to end your treatment leaving your feet feeling silky and smooth. 

Results should be seen after your first treatment. However it is recommended that you have a course of treatments to get better results. It is recommended that you have a treatment every 2-3 weeks. 

Results may vary from each individual depending on how bad your calluses are and your lifestyle. 

callus peelcallus peelcallus peel

Heels or Balls of the feet – £30.00

Both heels and balls of the feet – £50.00

Why not add an OPI File & Polish to your treatment?